Social Media Intern Job Offer

Hi All:

Whizwise is seeking an intern who is computer savvy has good communication skills, honest and has knowledge of or desire to do programming. This intern’s major responsibility will be keeping the social media sites of our clients and their calendar and website up-to-date. We will also want to the person to be able to do coding for websites as well. We need a copy of resume and 2 paragraphs as to why do you think you can be an organized assistant and do coding. Please email a copy to both of the following addresses: and by this Sat Aug 10 @ 6PM for the first deadline. If you get this email or information later post so that you may be considered for the second deadline Sat Aug 17 6PM. The interview will be conducted on Sun evening.


  • Good oral and written English

  • Punctual

  • Competent with MS Office Suite

  • Competent with using Facebook and Twitter

  • Can work unsupervised

  • Has own computer and internet access

Assets (as opposed to requirements)

  • Competent with HTML and CSS and Web concepts

  • Experience using content management systems

  • Programming in PHP or JavaScript

  • Basic graphic design skills, familiar with design concepts


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“To the world y…

“To the world you may be one person but to one person you could mean the world” Anonymous

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